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March 22, 2019

 The upcoming election on April 2, 2019, will decide who will fill the elected official openings in two local offices, the Ward 2 Alderman and the Gasconade Co. R-1 School Board.


Two of the school board candidates, Mike Pratte and Dot Schoening are incumbents, Pratte finishing his fourth term and Schoening finishing her first, while Tim Schulte is running for the first time.


The Blue Review reached out to each of the school board candidates via email. See their responses to the Q&A section below as they were received.


Q: What does being elected to the board mean to you?

Pratte: It means a great deal to me. I have been in education for 50 years and I would like to continue to help students be successful.

Schoening: I have been passionate about education for nearly 40 years. I believe providing a quality education to all the students in our district is instrumental to the future of our

community, state and country. If I can play a small part in helping make that happen, I

would love the opportunity.

Schulte:  Being elected to my former alma mater's board would mean the world to me.  I've pretty much been a lifelong resident of the Hermann area and want the best for students, faculty, and the taxpayers of the school district.


Q: Why are you interested in being a board member?

Pratte:  Being a board member I can continue to help our students and district grow and be successful.

Schoening: I have been a lifelong resident of the R-1 district, graduate of Hermann High School and my children and step-children are HHS alumni. I currently have a grandson attending Hermann Elementary School as a kindergartener. I believe the school district and the community have provided me and my family the skills and knowledge to be productive

members of society. It is my wish to serve and give back to our community.

Schulte: I'm interested in being a board member because of the "objectivity" that I can bring to the current board.


Q: What do you hope to achieve by being a board member and how will you realistically go about making these changes happen?

Pratte: I hope to continue the success our students have in the classroom and make what is necessary to achieve this.

Schoening: I hope to work closely with the administration to continue to attract, train and retain quality staff. I want to be a part of making sound fiscal decisions to give the taxpayers

and patrons of the district the “most bang for their buck”. I would like to see the district

continue to expand the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) opportunities

for our students to prepare them for the jobs of the future and strengthen our local


Schulte: I hope to help achieve success to all our programs--FFA, Drama, Athletics, Speech, Band, Choir and of course a challenging curriculum.  I will hopefully help achieve this by having a dialogue with administrators, faculty, students, parents, and most importantly taxpayers!


Q: What kind of experiences have you had that would make you an asset to have on our board of education?

Pratte: I  have been a teacher, coach, administrator, for 36 years, school board service for 12 years President of the Missouri Board and Director at the National School Board Association has given me a lot of experience in school board experience

Schoening: I have been working as an educator for 36 years. During those years, I have worked as a teacher, counselor, administrator, coach and sports official. I have served on the

Gasconade County Extension Council for 3 terms and am a regional extension

representative. I am on the Drake Methodist Church cemetery board and have served

on the Gasconade Mental Health Board in the past.

Schulte: My background is in the construction industry.  I have managed state and local multi-million dollar contracts for 35 years.  Many, if not all of the skills I utilized on a daily basis are the same skills needed as a school board member.  Whether it is interpreting state rules and regulations, participating in contract bidding processes, dealing with employee or discipline problems, and hiring and firing of employees, my past will help guide me through.


Q: What can you bring to the board and our school district?

Pratte: I bring 50 years of experience both as an educator and board member.

Schoening: I am passionate about education and want all children to have the opportunity to get a quality education. As an educator, I have always taken pride in making decisions based on what is in the best interest for kids. That doesn’t mean I have always made the right decision, but I can honestly say I have always made decision for the right reason.

Schulte: I would bring my 35 years of being in the "private sector" to the Gasconade County R1 School Board!  Go Bearcats!

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