Mr. Robb and Emmitt Moody's Experiment

April 6, 2018

To most students, Bearcat Time is for finishing homework due the next hour, taking time to talk to friends, or asking a teacher a question about the most recent lesson. For Emmitt Moody (12), however, Bearcat Time means time for a series of experiments: How far can different types of liquids shoot out of a water gun?


Among the various liquid distance experiments in Mr. Robb’s Bearcat Time came mishaps such as the infamous ¨baking soda and vinegar incident,¨ when Emmitt tested the distance the mixture would shoot with the water gun.


Emmitt added the cap, but he could not screw it on correctly. The mixture began to build pressure and Zack Gore (11) had to attach the liquid storage container to the water gun. The container's plastic was beginning to bend and expand. If they did not hurry, it would burst, spreading the mixture everywhere. They attached the container to the water gun, but the battle was far from over.


Now the baking soda and vinegar mixture was shooting, by itself, out of the water gun.


“Once we attached the cap, the mixture fired out of the barrel of the gun and we could not stop it,” said Moody.


Moody and Gore only had very little time left to angle the water gun in the right position so they could measure the maximum distance accurately. They set up the water gun correctly and recorded the max distance. Surprisingly it didn’t even shoot the farthest and it only came in second place.


The final results of the experiment were first place, mentos and coke; second place, tomato soup; and third place, dish soap.


To encourage student engagement, Emmitt asked several students what liquid from his given list they thought would shoot the farthest. Whoever guessed right or closest to first would receive a chocolate twinkie or vanilla if they did not want a chocolate one.


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