An Out-Of-This-World Event: The Solar Eclipse


On Aug, 21, 2017, the town of Hermann was overrun with tourists. These were not the usual crowds; this group was bigger than any that had been seen in a long time. This day marked the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse, an event bringing people from all over the country to witness.  

“Traffic was backed all the way to See-Tal,” said Elissa Thurman (12), “I had to go some place before practice and it took me about twenty minutes to get across town to do that.”


Hermann was almost directly in the path of totality, which meant that onlookers below were able to see a total eclipse.


While people came from all over to witness the spectacle, the students of Hermann High just had to walk out the front doors of the building. After lunch, students and their classes walked out to their respective spots to watch the historic event.


“I was in Dell’s class and it was really cool,” said Sabryn Englert (12). “I was really excited to see it and how dark it would get. I expected it to get a lot darker and it didn’t last as long as I thought. But still it was a really cool experience and I am glad I got to watch it with my friends.”


Even though the totality only lasted about seven minutes, teachers planned eclipse activities for their classes to get ready for the big event.


Ms. Grover, the junior English teacher, played videos about the eclipse to better explain it and get her students more motivated about it.


“I had been very excited about the solar eclipse, so I wanted to get students excited about the science of it before they witnessed it,” said Ms. Grover. “I planned activities that kind of tied into language arts, but also the science of the eclipse.”


Hermann High was one of the few schools in the district to remain in session, enabling students to view the eclipse in a safe environment with proper precautions and background information on the science of it all.


Principal Gary Leimkuehler said, “We felt like it was an educational experience and we felt like we could provide enough safety precautions and procedures that would make it a valuable educational experience for our students and staff.”


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