Deciphering the Forgotten

December 19, 2017

As time passes by, the people of Berger change along with the town, shaping it into a whole different image. There is a story behind every town. People say Berger is a ghost town because  the people have disappeared. The town of Berger is more than a place to pass through to get to another town; it has a history waiting to be told.


A town is a reflection of the people in the community and their interactions with each other. Over the years, the people of Berger have migrated and moved on, leaving the town behind to wither. The buildings that held so much value now sit vacant on the streets as a distant memory.


“The town is dead with the businesses all shut down,” Lydia Busch, a former employee of Mac’s Cafe said.  


Over thirty years ago, people talked about Berger as a “happening place” filled with jobs and businesses. Berger was surrounded by people ready to hang out at Mac’s Cafe and go to the Berger Jam at the baseball park. The only thing that remains open is the post office.


“I use to take my son to the park to watch the baseball games and it was packed with people,” Charlotte Sciego, a Berger resident, said.


The park holding so many memories of games and Berger Jam sits empty, with the bathroom facilities shut off and the bleachers that once sat Berger residents torn down.


The town of Berger has gatherings once month at the city hall to discuss improvements to make for the town. Mayor Harold Englert and his wife organize the meetings to discuss  fixing up the park or throwing events for the children.


For those with ideas or wish to help pitch in for improvements of Berger, contact Mayor Harold Englert (573-834-2072). The meetings for the town of Berger are held at Berger City Hall on 404 Rosalie Ave., Berger, MO.


“If the community of Berger comes together, we could help make Berger a happening place,      

even if it’s not what it originally was,” Charlene Jasper, a Berger Resident, stated.


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