May 15, 2017

When Ellie Holland steps up to the plate to bat, there are many thoughts on her mind: Will I hit the ball? Will I miss? But with all the thoughts in her head, there is always one that remains: Whether I hit it or miss it, my family is still behind me.


While family for Ellie includes her parents, Jim and Jan, sitting in the bleachers, the family Ellie is thinking of is her softball family.


This feeling Ellie has isn’t just hers, but is shared among the Ladycats, and they don’t have to play the game to know the family they were a part of. The Ladycats are not just a team; they do more than just practice together.


“After practices, like maybe on Fridays, we’d go to each others’ houses and just hang out,” said Avery Sherrow (10).


Other times, the team would organize scavenger hunts on weekends or days preceding a game.


“We would split up into two teams, and each team would create a list of things to do around Washington,” says Maria Krull (11). “We would then swap the lists.”


Elissa Thurman (11) once had to go into a Sears superstore with the objective of asking a random worker for his phone number. More scavenger dares included taking a photo next to any Mustang and taking a selfie with a Burger King employee.


There is also a history in the team. Senior player Allison Edwards (12) has played softball all throughout high school, following in her sisters’ footsteps.


“My sisters played softball, I played it for a good chunk of my life. I worked really hard for the position I got [pitcher], and it means the world to me that I got it,” said Edwards (12).


The bus rides, the laughs, and the in-betweens are what Holland will remember.


“I enjoyed the bus rides there and from. I don’t think there is really one thing that stands out from the whole season. The whole season was fun and it ended too quickly,” said Holland (12).

“They’re a wild bunch, and I’ll miss them,” said Edwards (12), referring to the team.



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