Eddie Slowikowski

February 9, 2017

Throughout Courtwarming week, STUCO focused on students with themes such as ‘Come as You Are’ day and ‘Dress for Your Future’ day. With the intent of helping students become more self confident and focus on their individuality, the Student Council also brought in a guest speaker whose message focused around the theme they were trying to interpret. The speaker, Eddie Slowikowski, has been to Hermann High School before, back in 2013 when Hermann STUCO hosted the South Central District Convention.


Eddie Slowikowski is a professional motivational speaker from Chicago. With an Olympic Track and Field gold medal and a lifetime of ups and downs under his belt, Slowikowski focuses on four main points: Discover Your Purpose, Ignite Your Passion, Do The Work, and Become the Best Version of You. Through his speaking and dancing, he travels across the country delivering his message to kids and adults alike.


Slowikowski started off his speech at Hermann High School by talking about success: “I’ve traveled to forty nine states, to Europe, and Canada speaking and I’ve studied people. And what I always come to ask myself, is what do successful people have in common? Satisfaction. They are always satisfied.”


From points such as satisfaction with life and quotes such as “I want you to pay attention to the things that make you passionate,” and “Until you become mindful of what you want, your full potential isn’t unlocked,” Slowikowski gave students and staff alike tips on how to go about their lives. Through telling his own life story and giving strategies about how to go through life, Slowikowski gave his audience something to think about.


Eddie Slowikowski can be reached on his website eddiespeak.com and @eddiespeak on various social media sites.


“What you do says a lot about you, so you should do good things, strong things, things you’re passionate about.”- Eddie Slowikowski. 


Feb. 2, 2017.





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