The Fall Musical

January 30, 2017

We have entered a whole neew wooorld! This year, the musical took on some new aspects. Veterans switched roles, new crew joined, and there was even professional choreography! This year proved to be a step forward for the Drama Club, showcasing Aladdin.


The production featured David Robertson (12) as the well-known Aladdin from Disney, and Isaac McMahan (12) as the classic blue genie, Abu. Jafar was played by Grant Bucher (12), and his parrot, Iago, was played by Brenna Jones (10).


Cody Bruckerhoff (11), who played as a guardian of Aladdin, enjoyed being a part of everything. With a few years of experience on his hands, he enjoyed his time on stage from a new vantage point.


Cody: “I had a very serious part, but I also was just a very dumb character. I just had to agree with Aladdin. It was very fun, very enjoying. And trying to sing was also fun.”


Q: What did you enjoy most about the production?


A: “My favorite thing was my part. And there was a lot of stuff to do, you could kind of do your own thing in some parts, and it gave you more freedom.”


Q: What are your thoughts on the singing you had to do?


A: “No. Definitely no.. It was very hard to grasp, yes.”


Daelynn Payne (12) has been in drama club since her freshman year, and has participated in one musical and three play productions. As a veteran for on-stage acting, she took the backstage role, keeping everything running smooth.


Daelynn: “[In the backstage] It’s always like super energetic and goofy. It’s like a family, just leave it at that.”


Q: What did you think about the production?


A: “It was the best production I’ve ever been in. It was very fun.”


Q: What made it fun?


A: “The people made it fun.”


Q: What was your favorite part?


A: “Um, I think my favorite part was how surprising it was. It was different than what everyone had expected. The choreography was unexpected, but it was cool.”


Q: Do you have any thoughts about the play?


A: “I’m really gonna miss it because it’s an awesome experience.”


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