The Working Hour (2nd place MIPA Yearbook Spread)

January 11, 2017


Hermann High School Football games are a main weekly event. By Friday afternoon, students are finalizing their plans for the evening, with most of them revolving around the football game. But while the rest of the school is cheering in the stands, parents and volunteers are putting forth their time working in the concession stands.


“In order to get volunteers, we call parents and ask them to help us out in the concession stands. Athletes work one game a year, with freshmen having to work two,” Roxanne Zeiss, the school secretary tells us. “Paula Schannuth, another secretary, works with getting students lined up also.”


To raise money for the Music Boosters, Mr. Dell, the choir teacher, also has parents and students sell funnel cakes.


“I feel that making the students work these stands makes them understand that there’s more to just being an athlete or in band or choir. They have to be involved in all parts of the activity, and support the whole machine,” Mr. Dell says.  


Volunteering also is more for the kids than just involvement and a requirement for a class. John Lensing (11) tells us “Working the concession stand gives me a sense of helping out our school while also watching the game in the process. It’s a great experience.”


Counting Back Change


Parents enjoy teaching students how to accomplish the seemingly distressing task of counting back change. Tessa Eldringhoff (11)  told us “I would rather not count back money, but when I do, I like to have a calculator with me. I think other kids struggle with counting back change because in today’s society, where technology has taken over, it is not as usual to have to do that. “


Jillian Kolbe (12) had a slightly different perspective. “It isn’t as hard as people think, although it was slightly unpleasant. The free food helps make up for that, however,” she added with a chuckle.




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