Lainee Landolt

December 12, 2016


A lot of people in the high school say, “I can’t wait to get out of this town, I can’t wait to leave, go out and do this, and experience the world..” But what I like about you is you always say, “Hermann is so great," "I love everything about Hermann," "You should do this," "You should go to here," "You should meet these people," "These people are really nice,” and I want to know, why you love Hermann so much. What is Hermann to you?


"I think for me, raising kids here was a really good thing, even though they don’t believe it. But, if you teach your children to be their own person, and find themselves, and always be true to themselves, you can get what you need out of Hermann. I think everybody can get exactly what they need from Hermann without going to the bigger towns, and then they can spread their wings and find what they need afterwords. So, for me, Lexi came home, so that was a big thing, my daughter came home after being gone for five-six years, whatever she’s been gone, and she said, 'I didn’t realize how much I would miss Hermann.' Just knowing everybody walking down the street, being safe, not having to lock your cars, and just knowing that everyone knew you and everyone here, is here to take care of you. Everyone’s looking out for everyone else, I think."



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Hermann High School

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