Mr. Marsch's Story

November 7, 2016


Boooop! It’s 11:59 on a Friday. The lunch bell rings again, and Mr. Marsch stands outside the main office, chatting with Mr. Anderson and monitoring the halls as the students from A-lunch leave the cafeteria, his hands in his pockets. Mr. Marsch is the Information Technology Technician and the assistant football coach at HHS. He monitors students’ internet activity, manages the school’s technology and keeps track of hardware and other electronic equipment in the school. He also takes part in constructing the best possible football athletes on the Bearcat squad.


“He’s a total boss.” -Tyler Minks


“Yea, he’s a true friend.” -Dane Speckhals


“He calls me babe, haha.” -Tyler Minks


“He’s always making some kind of reference to a movie.” -Sam Krull


“We call him Mr. Steal Your Grandma.” -Sam Krull


“He should run for president. Marsch 2020!” -Dane Speckhals


“He likes to forget that he’s old. He sure has some energy in him. He can really run up and down that field.” - Chase Racherbaumer


“He knows how to get you goin’ and keep you motivated. I will always play for him.” - Chase Racherbaumer


Day after day, he can be found meandering between different lunch tables, chatting with students of all types. As a student in a Hermann High School lunchroom, it’s common to witness Marsch strolling casually and landing at your table at least once. “What’s goin’ on?” he asks in his signature rasp. His lanky stride carries him away as he chats with the next student, his maroon jacket halfway unzipped, typically revealing a plaid button-up underneath.


”He’ll stop by our table maybe once or twice, ask us how we’re doing, and he’s back on his way again,” said Brandea Blackburn (12).


Of all the snippets of contact any student may receive with Mr. Marsch, however, none go deep enough to uncover the hidden Mr. Marsch. The Kevin Marsch. The one who lives in a house during some parts of the day, but might prefer a log cabin. The one who loves his family more than he loves the outdoors. In order to uncover some of the real Mr. Marsch, an interview was conducted:


Q: What’s the most interesting encounter you’ve ever had with a Hermann High School student?


After thinking for a bit, and giving a small chuckle, he responded,


A: “Well, I don’t often interact with the students very much, but I have had some very interesting conversations with parents and students about inappropriate internet content.”


Q: What is a typical day for you after your day ends at school?


With a change in his stance, he stood firm.


A: “I’m a football coach too, and I really enjoy that. Working with the boys is something that I definitely look forward to after the day. And when I can, I really like to go fishing, hunting and camping, especially with my family.”


Q: What is something you enjoy about working with the other staff members at HHS?


A: “I have noticed this school’s drive to educate the students, and my job is to help them achieve that goal. Every time a student succeeds, I feel like I have succeeded too. I’m all about the education of the students.”


That is the real Mr. Marsch.


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