The Blue Review Podcast Series

Behind the Scenes

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The Blue Review Podcast series is managed by the Publications class at the high school. Episodes are focused around students and who they are as the student body. 


Interviews and topics are both conducted by students. All audio is edited by students in the Publications class who take a particular interest in sound engineering.

19-20 Sound Engineers: Tim Ellis

2019 Dec. 6 Choir, Interview with Hannah GaleGeena Lee
00:00 / 18:34

By: Madi Ellis

The Behind The Scene Podcast series is recoded by Madison Ellis and edited by Tim Ellis. The episodes are focused on what our clubs and sport teams do that the general public does not see. 

2019 Dec. 2 Behind the Scenes: StuCo, featuring Rachel Lensing and Maggie KotthoffMadi Ellis
00:00 / 10:08
2019 Oct., Behind the Scenes: Band, featuring Lori Anderson and Tavis HarrisMadison Ellison
00:00 / 17:29
2019 Oct. 11 Fall Musical: Godspell, Interview with Kaylyn Walker and Kaleb MeansElizabeth Vieth
00:00 / 20:00